Selected papers of our team members

Zaremba, D., Kulesza, M., Herman, A., Marczak, M., Kossowski, B., Budziszewska, M., Michałowski, J., Klöckner, C.A., Wierzba, M., Marchewka, A. (2022). A wise person plants a tree a day before the end of the world: coping with the emotional experience of climate change in Poland (accepted to Current Psychology).

Klöckner, C. A. (2015). The psychology of pro-environmental communication: beyond standard information strategies. Springer.

Michałowski, J. M., Droździel, D., Matuszewski, J., Koziejowski, W., Jednoróg, K., & Marchewka, A. (2016) Set of Fear Inducing Pictures (SFIP): The development and validation in fearful and non-fearful individuals. Behavior Research Methods, 49, 1407-1419. 

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