Selected papers of our team members

Marczak, M., Wierzba, M., Zaremba, D., Kulesza, M., Szczypiński, J., Kossowski, B.,  Budziszewska, M., Michałowski, J., Klöckner C.A., Marchewka, A.(2022). Beyond Climate Anxiety: Development and Validation of the Inventory of Climate Emotions (ICE): a Measure of Multiple Emotions Experienced in Relation to Climate Change (submitted to Journal of Environmental Psychology).

Zaremba, D., Kulesza, M., Herman, A., Marczak, M., Kossowski, B., Budziszewska, M., Michałowski, J., Klöckner, C.A., Wierzba, M., Marchewka, A. (2022). A wise person plants a tree a day before the end of the world: coping with the emotional experience of climate change in Poland (accepted to Current Psychology).

Klöckner, C. A. (2015). The psychology of pro-environmental communication: beyond standard information strategies. Springer.

Michałowski, J. M., Droździel, D., Matuszewski, J., Koziejowski, W., Jednoróg, K., & Marchewka, A. (2016) Set of Fear Inducing Pictures (SFIP): The development and validation in fearful and non-fearful individuals. Behavior Research Methods, 49, 1407-1419. 

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