Selected papers of our team members

Marczak, M., Wierzba, M., Kossowski, B., Marchewka, A., Rios, R. M., & Klöckner, C. A. (2023). Emotional responses to climate change in Norway and Ireland: cross-cultural validation of the Inventory of Climate Emotions (ICE).

Zaremba, D., Michałowski, J. M., Klöckner, C. A., Marchewka, A., & Wierzba, M. (2023). Development and validation of Emotional Climate Change Stories (ECCS) stimuli set.

Marczak, M., Wierzba, M., Zaremba, D., Kulesza, M., Szczypiński, J., Kossowski, B., … & Marchewka, A. (2023). Beyond climate anxiety: Development and validation of the inventory of climate emotions (ICE): A measure of multiple emotions experienced in relation to climate change. Global Environmental Change83, 102764.

Zaremba, D., Kulesza, M., Herman, A. M., Marczak, M., Kossowski, B., Budziszewska, M., … & Wierzba, M. (2022). A wise person plants a tree a day before the end of the world: coping with the emotional experience of climate change in Poland. Current Psychology, 1-19.

Herman, A. M., Zaremba, D., Kossowski, B., & Marchewka, A. (2022). The utility of the emBODY tool as a novel method of studying complex phenomena-related emotions. Scientific Reports12(1), 19884.

Marczak, M., Winkowska, M., Chaton-Østlie, K., Morote Rios, R., & Klöckner, C. A. (2023). “When I say I’m depressed, it’s like anger.” An exploration of the emotional landscape of climate change concern in Norway and its psychological, social and political implications. Emotion, Space and Society46.