Core Team

Artur has experience in the area of cognitive and affective research utilizing cutting-edge neuroimaging methods. 

Christian A. Klöckner, PhD

PI (Partner) | NTNU

Christian is interested in psychological aspects related to climate change and environmental behaviour. In this project, he is particularly curious to find out how emotional stress caused by climate change might impact mitigation behaviour positively or negatively.

Jarosław Michałowski, PhD


Jarosław is interested in studying mechanisms of mental problems and coping styles related to climate change.

Małgorzata is broadly interested in developing psychological methods that would allow for better understanding of the psychological aspects of climate change.

Dominika Zaremba, Msc​​

phd student | NENCKI​

Dominika wants to learn how we can use the knowledge about climate change-related emotions to formulate better public policies and communication strategies.

Michalina Marczak, PhD

phd student | NTNU​

Michalina is interested in the interconnections between human emotions, wellbeing and the condition of the natural environment and their role in fostering pro-environmental attitudes and behaviours.

Bartosz Kossowski, PhD

researcher | NENCKI​

Bartek is an enthusiast of technology and green life. In the project, he is responsible for MRI, IT services and data management.

Maria Kulesza,

researcher | NENCKI​

Maria’s research interests revolve around the processing of emotions, social cognition and mental health, specifically personality disorders.

Aleksandra Herman, PhD​​

researcher | nencki

Aleksandra’s interested in how internal (emotions, bodily signals) and external factors influence the way we act and make decisions.

Katarzyna Jednoróg, PhD

researcher | nencki

Katarzyna is interested in the neurobiological underpinnings of spoken and written language and its disorders.

Marek Wypych, PhD​​

researcher | nencki

Marek is a cognitive neuroscientist with interdisciplinary education. In the project, he supports the analysis of fMRI data.

Alicja Olszewska Msc, Eng

researcher | nencki

Alicja studies neuroplasticity. In this project she supports the development of the graphic design.



Magdalena Budziszewska, PhD

associate | University of Warsaw

Magdalena uses narrative analysis and qualitative methods to research emotions that people feel about climate change.

Jan Szczypiński, PhD

associate | nencki

Jan interests concern constructing and utilizing questionnaire measures to better understand psychological challenges caused by climate change.

Roxanna Morote Rios, PhD

professor | ntnu

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