Bartosz Kossowski, PhD

Researcher | Nencki Institute


I am a MR engineer in the Laboratory of Brain Imaging at the Nencki Institute. My technical expertise includes:

  • proton spectroscopy acquisition and analysis (single-voxel, functional spectroscopy, detection of GABA)
  • programming and modification of MR sequences (Siemens, GE, Bruker)
  • hyperpolarization techniques (DNP-NMR)
My research interests are:
  • T1-mapping techniques with a use of standard vendor sequences (VFA+STESE) and newly available protocols
  • Single-voxel spectroscopy in a context of data analysis and application in neurobiology i.e. functional measurement
  • Sequence optimization and programming (Siemens, GE, Bruker)
I am also responsible for LOBI IT services i.e. data management, quality control and computations.